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Taco Bell Breakfast Menu 2015

Is Taco Bell Nutrition the Worst?

Despite recent criticism, Wendy's nutrition is not the worst from the fast food industry. Actually, they still have quite a distance to go to be considered a "healthy option," but Kfc now has a few healthier items on their own menu and fair far better than a few of their competitors in overall nutritional value.
Taco Bell Breakfast Menu Prices

McDonald's, for example, just introduced a fresh fried McChicken Sandwich which has more calories and fat than most double cheeseburgers (even more than the Quarter Pounder). Jack-in-the-Box is an additional offender. They have recently created whatever they call the "The Ultimate Cheeseburger." This behemoth has got the equivalent of over 15 teaspoons of pure fat!

So no, Wendy's isn't the worst, only a few of their offerings are owning a close second in relation to calorie count and fats content. Taco Bell's new Fiesta Salad is certainly one surprisingly bad contender for least healthy junk food item of the year. Since it is a salad, not enough people would imagine that it really has more fat and calories than a Big Mac. How they managed to create a salad that's worse for you personally that a Big Mac (which isn't healthy to begin with) is beyond comprehension. Nevertheless...

Of course it's well-known that certain "light" foods are no healthier than regular (non-light) offerings, however Taco Bell has was able to create a "light" that's actually much worse. Amazing (and sad) but true; one of the most fat-heavy food available at Kfc is now a salad. The sodium content (1,662 mg) is the highest on the Wendy's menu!

So is kfc any healthier compared to other fast food chains? No way. Still they have the difference of not being exactly at the bottom of the list. The fact remains all of these major fat food companies use a long way to go. There is increasing consumer advocate pressure as well as talk of government enforced bans on fatty foods, which figure so prominently in lots of fast food meals.

So the pressure is definitely on for taco Bell and their competitors. The true question is, what will they are doing about it? So far the rapid food industry continues to be dragging its heals every step of the way. They have resisted consumer group recommendations as well as government guidelines. Does it really take a thorough "ban" on certain food-stuffs to finally have the attention of McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell and all the other national take out chains?

Just like all the other big players, Wendy's nutrition has a great distance to go, and with pressure mounting; can be if they can avert government action to regulate their industry.
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